Christopher Mills, PPE

I was referred to Dr Coombe’s study skills tutorials in third year by my Senior Tutor, after requesting some support with my philosophy essays. The sessions were the best use of my time over my three years.

2nd Year, PPE

Results are in. I got a first. And I finally got a first on an essay paper [Cold War]. So I’m happy. I don’t believe this would have been possible without your help and encouragement, so thank you.

Finalist, Jurisprudence

I should tell you I got a first (and a prize). I couldn’t have considered it, let alone achieve it, without the study skills lessons so please know that you have the deepest thanks I am capable of giving.

Antonio Di Fiore, English

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Dr Coombe to those wishing to improve their study skills and academic performance in general.

1st Year, Modern Languages

Thank you so much for the help this term, I probably wouldn’t have made it through these last few weeks without your support! Thank you again, your help has been incredible.

Antonio di Fiore, English

My study skills tutorials with Dr Coombe were truly invaluable experiences for me, partly because of what I learned from her and partly because of her help, guidance, patience and understanding.