About Margaret Coombe

I am a freelance study skills consultant working in Oxford colleges. I teach the study skills that empower students to excel on their course. Providing tailor-made tutorials, which can either be one-on-one or delivered in small groups, I assist students with developing effective approaches to learning, academic essay writing strategies, and general study skills (including notetaking and time management strategies). I work with students from any Oxford college, and although I primarily tutor undergraduate students, I can also provide tailored support for postgraduate students.

Additionally, I offer workshops to train tutors, lecturers, and/or postgraduate mentors in study skills teaching methodologies. This training aims to enhance existing study skills teaching and expand the on-site provision of study skills at Oxford colleges.

In 2014, I was awarded the student-led Oxford Student Union teaching award for my work as a study skills tutor, and nominated again in 2018. I served as the acting Senior Tutor for two summers, as Tutor in British Medieval History from 2014-18 at Harris Manchester College and as the Director of the Oxford Study Skills Centre from 2018-22 at Lady Margaret Hall.

A historian by discipline, I have taught British History I and the History of Northumberland and Durham: Saints and Sanctity from Bede to Reginald within the Faculty of History, and I supervise postgraduates who wish to focus on hagiography, medieval Northumbria, or medieval Latin biographical texts. My research focuses on the religious history of the north of England, especially on Latin manuscripts of saints’ lives produced in the twelfth century in Durham and the subsequent dissemination of the cults of those saints. My latest book, Reginald of Durham: The Life and Miracles of Saint Godric, Hermit of Finchale, was published by Oxford University Press in 2022. I am now working on Reginald’s Miracles of St Cuthbert.

Please contact me at margaret.coombe@history.ox.ac.uk with any questions or to arrange study skills tutorials or workshops at your college.