Interested in joining OSSC?

The Oxford Study Skills Centre is a resource for tutors and students alike. At OSSC we recognise that subject tutors have a limited amount of time in which they need to teach complex new ideas and help students meet course-specific learning objectives. Our goal is to deliver the essential study skills that foster effective learning and help students to excel on their courses. We also offer training in study skills teaching methodologies to lecturers, tutors, and postgraduate students.

If you think the OSSC might be a good fit for your college, please contact us. We are very happy to meet with representatives from Oxford colleges to discuss our ethos, the types of sessions we can provide, and the benefits of participating in OSSC.

We are always keen to work with new colleges, and we welcome inquiries from all Oxford colleges. Please contact us to request a price list for the 2020-20201 academic year.

To learn more about how OSSC sessions work and what they cover, please visit our FAQs. To learn more about the OSSC teaching staff, please visit our About Us page.

Study Skills Teaching Training

Colleges wishing to establish in-house study skills support can ask OSSC to train their own staff to be advisers in the methodologies used at OSSC. OSSC not only trains staff but supports them afterwards through termly lunches and meetings to discuss any problem areas and to share ideas and experiences. This is also a valuable way for early-career teaching and support staff and postgraduate students to expand their teaching skill set and gain valuable experience.

One of our trainees subsequently reported that they ‘found the training with Dr Coombe invaluable for my role, it felt targeted to the most common concerns that we experience with students; namely timetabling, essay structuring, and active note taking. Of all the students that I have taught this term, each has come back for multiple sessions, which I think is testament to the support network that Dr Coombe has developed through the OSSC, but also speaks to the clear need that students have for study skills support.’

Another, commenting on the need for such provision, said: ‘In developing the important skills that Oxford is so adept in teaching, students who are learning this system absolutely need the study skills program, which speaks to the intersection of both intellectual confidence and academic development. For students who are having a hard time adjusting to the expectations here, an hour with someone who has the time and empathy to focus on their particular situation, and on the ways in which they fit into Oxford, is unique, is indispensable. I have yet to come across another program in Oxford that can both identify and fill this gap for students at the point where their personal perceptions and work habits meet a clear explanation of the requirements of Oxford study.’

Please contact us to discuss the training we offer.

Online Resources

You may also wish to direct your students to our Canvas site, where they can access study skills resources and activities. Study skills tutors and advisers who have been trained by OSSC can access OSSC’s study skills teaching resources online.

Other Oxford Resources for Tutors

The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports teaching staff across the university. In addition to publishing online teaching resources, CTL runs training programmes, events, and classes throughout the year.