Answering the question in exams

Are you revising for exams? There are lots of different types of exam questions that appear at Oxford, and there are different approaches for each type. Making sure that you are savvy in the way you approach and answer exam questions will mean that you can more easily impress your examiners with your knowledge of… Read More

OSSC Singing Group

Are you a bit stressed? Would you like to meet new people? Do you like to shout/sing/whistle/hum? OSSC has teamed up with Harris Manchester in an exciting new venture to help calm nerves and have FUN. We have begun a singing group which meets each week of full term, on Thursdays from 5.30 to 6.30,… Read More

Using the Christmas Vacation

The winter holiday is perhaps one of the most difficult to plan. Some students will be in college doing telethons or acting as runners for admissions interviews, some will have caring responsibilities at home, some will be busy working in paid employment, and some will be busy with family events. While some of these obligations… Read More

Shut up and write! MT19

Calling all LMH undergraduates! Do you have a dissertation or essay you would like to work on in companionable surroundings? Come to ‘Shut up and write’ @LMH! You can also access one-to-one writing drop-in sessions on the day in which you can work on your writing techniques, including drafting, editing, outlining, referencing, overcoming writer’s block,… Read More

Michaelmas ’19 Talk Series

OSSC is excited to announce the launch its inaugural Michaelmas ’19 Talk Series. This term’s line-up of talks will feature three experts in their fields talking about everything from the skills needed for scientific research to developing good writing habits, mastering different styles of writing, the writer’s process, and the importance of good grammar for… Read More

Starting at Oxford in October?

Starting at Oxford in October? Congratulations! The Oxford Study Skills Centre is excited to welcome you to Oxford in the autumn. Perhaps you are wondering how to spend your summer and whether there is anything you can do to prepare for your course? Many tutors will send along a reading list over the summer, and this… Read More

Happy end of term!

The Oxford Study Skills Centre wishes you a good long vacation this summer! Whether you are working, interning, caring for family, studying, or holidaying over the vac, we hope that the break away from your coursework offers you a chance to step back, take stock, and consider what you’ve achieved over the past year and… Read More

Prelims Revision

LMH students sitting prelims this Trinity can now take advantage of the additional sessions on exam prep and revision planning offered by OSSC graduate tutors. Book your session online today. Please also be sure to check out the online OSSC guide to Revision Planning for Prelims and First-year Exams.

Shut up and write! Trinity Term

Oxford postgraduates have benefited from ‘Shut up and write’ sessions, and now Oxford undergraduates can too! Anyone who has a piece of work to do, especially dissertations or longer submitted essays, can find it difficult to keep writing in a library or in their own room, and it can be quite lonely and difficult to… Read More

Relaxation ideas for the exam season

Taking effective breaks during your revision in the run up to exams is important. You should always try to plan to take one day off a week during revision and to budget in a bit of time to relax and mull over your topics (without cramming!) before exams begin (see our revision planning guides). Here… Read More