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About Us

The Oxford Study Skills Centre aims to promote achievement and academic success by helping students to develop effective approaches to learning, including academic essay writing strategies and general study skills. OSSC was established in September 2018 at Lady Margaret Hall and serves undergraduate students from participating colleges across the University of Oxford.

What we do

Effective studying demands putting certain skills and strategies into practice every day. Specialist tutors at OSSC can help you to recognise, develop, and use your skills to best effect in your studies.

Whatever your background or degree programme, you can benefit from developing and refining your study skills. Whether you are in your first year at university or about to sit Finals, good study skills and practices can help you make effective use of your study time, excel on your course, and be better prepared to tackle new challenges.

Of course good study skills and practices don’t stop at Oxford, and most of these skills are extremely valuable to employers after you leave university.

If you visit OSSC, your first appointment will always be with Dr Margaret Coombe. During the initial appointment, Dr Coombe will discuss any work you bring along as well as your particular goals and needs. If appropriate, she will help you to develop a study plan which might include further sessions with Dr Coombe or sessions with a specially trained OSSC graduate tutor.

Additionally, OSSC trains postgraduate ‘mentors’ and ‘buddies’ at various colleges across Oxford. The graduate students OSSC trains then work within their respective colleges, serving as a helpful first port of call for undergraduate students.

Who we are

Dr Margaret Coombe

Director of Oxford Study Skills Centre at Lady Margaret Hall, historian, and Fellow of Harris Manchester College.

Dr Margaret Coombe is by discipline a historian of medieval England. Her research focuses on the religious history of the north of England. In 2014, she was awarded the student-led Oxford Student Union teaching award for her work as a study skills tutor, and was nominated again in 2018.

Dr Margaret Coombe is the lead tutor at the Oxford Study Skills Centre. OSSC graduate tutors also provide sessions to LMH undergraduates under Dr Coombe’s direction. Our graduate tutors are recruited and specially trained to work with undergraduate students on study skills and academic writing techniques in one-to-one tutorials.

In addition to Dr Coombe and the OSSC graduate tutors, we are joined by a small number of other tutors from across Oxford.

About Lady Margaret Hall

The Oxford Study Skills Centre is grateful for the support of Lady Margaret Hall, our home college at the University of Oxford. Lady Margaret Hall was a college founded to right a wrong. In 1879, it opened up Oxford to women students for the first time. LMH began with nine women students and is now a vibrant academic community with hundreds of students. LMH is a diverse, open, intellectually curious, and pioneering community. LMH continues to break boundaries as the college to establish the Oxford Study Skills Centre, the first of its kind at Oxford University.

Our benefactors

The Oxford Study Skills Centre is made possible by the generous donations of our benefactors. If you are interested in supporting our work at OSSC, please visit our Support Us page.