Do you have exams in Hilary or Trinity terms? If so, it’s a good idea to make sure you have an effective revision plan in place. Check out our revision planning guides or book a session at the OSSC to work through your revision strategies with a study skills adviser.

Revision planning for exams following a term for revision (e.g. most FHS exams)
Revision planning for exams without a full term for revision (e.g. most prelims)

Another thing to keep in mind as you revise for exams is how you plan to answer exam questions. There are lots of different types of exam questions that appear at Oxford, and there are different approaches for each type. Making sure that you are savvy in the way you approach and answer exam questions will mean that you can more easily impress your examiners with your knowledge of your subject. Book a session with one of our study skills advisers to get tips, or check out our guide:

Answering the question in exams, collections, and tutorial essays