Oxford postgraduates have benefited from ‘Shut up and write’ sessions, and now Oxford undergraduates can too!

Anyone who has a piece of work to do, especially dissertations or longer submitted essays, can find it difficult to keep writing in a library or in their own room, and it can be quite lonely and difficult to stay motivated and on-task when working alone.

Shut up and write sessions bring students together in a quiet room for writing, with a nearby room where there is tea, coffee, cookies and a chance to chat with your peers and exchange ideas and notes on how the writing process is going for you.

The OSSC Director, Dr Margaret Coombe, and OSSC tutors will be available to chat to you about the process (but we can’t help with content). You can dress as comfortably as you like, and bring your favourite mug or snacks (free tea, coffee, and cookies will be provided). You are also welcome to bring your own lunch. Finally, feel free to drop in and out of any session as you like!

Shut up and write! will be held in the Olga Pocock Room in Pipe Partridge, LMH, next to the Lodge, at the following dates and times:

Week 4 Thursday 7 Feb, from 10am-5pm
Week 5 Wednesday 13 Feb, 10am-5pm
Week 5 Friday 15 Feb, 10am-1pm
Week 6 Thursday 21 Feb, 10am-5pm
Week 6 Friday 22 Feb, 10am-5pm
Week 7 Monday 25 Feb, 10am-5pm
Week 7 Tuesday 26 Feb, 10am-5pm
Week 8 Tuesday 5 March, 10am-5pm